From the History of the School

Between 1892 and 1896, a new elegant style of building was erected on Srobarova street - the building of the State Girl High School. The design came from the brothers A. and G. Jakab of Kosice. In 1896 the school had 236 students. After the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the government of Czechoslovakia altered the school into college-preparatory high school.

The first school leaving exams took part on June 23, 1923. After only thirty years of existance, it was the best school in Kosice.

After World War II the school became a middle co-ed, and over the years the school had undergone many changes - a gymnazium, later a middle-school for 2nd and 3rd year students and finally secondary liberal arts school.

At the end of the 1970s, the school had about 1000 students. On December 19, 1967, the first "Stuzkova Slavnost", or graduation ball was held at the "House of Art." In 1970, the first 4-year gymnazium class graduated.

The 1990s brought changes into society and into the orientation of the school, and during these years new traditions began. Gymnazium Srobarova 1 has grown and changed and has become the school you know today.

“Srobarka” today

Currently, our school has 22 classes and more than 700 students . Each class has its own specialization . We have classes that specialize in social sciences , natural sciences , maths-physics-computer sciences, and foreign languages. Since the school year 1990/1991, Srobarova has had a class specializing in English. A German class began in the school year 1998 and aims towards the aquisition of the KMK diploma (2nd Degree). This year we opened two classes with alternative education. The students of these classes have only four required subjects: Slovak language and literarature, two foreign languages, and physical education. The remaining subjects-18 hours per week-the students choose classes that interest them or relate to their future career plans. They can choose from several foreign languages: German, English and French are available, and also Latin. Students are required to study two foreign languages.

In 1994 our school joined, as one of the first in Slovakia, the program "Bata Junior Achievement," in which we have some third-year students studying

Applied Economics and furthermore they have a chance to obtain practical experience in the real world. Our students participate not only in the area of ecomonics, but also in Olympiads, programming, high school special activities, and in sports activities.

Since May 1996, our school has been connected to the world through the Internet. You can also visit one of the best and most interesting homepages in Slovakia, which has information about the historical and current life of the school and about our on-going activities at:

In their free time, our students work in different interesting clubs. At school, we have physics club, biology and chemistry oplympiad club, language clubs, the tourism and enviromental club, sports clubs and more.

Students with literary bent can contribute to the students magazine "Studentske Slovo'' (The Students´ Word). Our school radio, '' SUM'' is also very popular. Since 1991/1992, the administration has been producing “School Yearbook.''

In addition, to general education our school organizes opportunities for various sports activities: ski trips, swimming courses, ecologycal trips, and '' Language School in Nature.'' At school, students can make use of a tennis court, a volleyball court (built in 1997), and a football field and basketball nets (built in 1998). For relaxation and activity, students with their teachers can use the Dance Studio of Seniors.

The students do not miss a chance for cultural activities. Recently students have prepared an English theatre performance, they have organized the "Immatriculation Ball" (since 1994), the "Representative Ball" (since 1993), and every two years the "Ball of Graduation from Srobarova" (1997, 1999).

Since 1974, our school has produced the unique Srobarkan revue "Kalamajky", and since 1994 the "Kalamajky Gala - dance" after the show, featuring the best of kalamajky's skits. One of traditions of the school is the "Benefit Week" with a benefit banquet and disco (since 1991) and also " Srobarova Day-Day od Goodworks" on the Tuesday of that week (since 1996). Since 1997, we have held an anti-drugs week.

Our school has a staff of college-educated teachers, and lecturers from the United States and Germany. Currently 25 students of our school are studying in foreign countries.

Our school is the best not only because of its' high quality of education, but also because of its´ great students.