Headlines since 1st - 26th september

1.9. The end of the holidays (nothing good will stay forever)

2.9. Oficial start of the new school year 1997/1998

3.9. The students from the first classes got their school books

8.9. Evil masters ( teachers ) had a conference

10.9. Written exams from Slovak language

11.9. Psychologist started his work ( just in time - a little help for my classmates )

13.9. T.Bata came to our school and had a meeting with the young managers from Bata Junior Achiefment

17.9. Verbal exams from English language

19.9. We became new asphalt court

25.9. ZRPS - Parents went to school to find out good reason why to beat their kids

26.9. SROB EAST EXTRA DOSE. The competition and a disco organized by 3.D class

Milan H.