C U when u get there

You probably know that Saturday night (October 11th, 1997) was special for one group of students.Yes, you're right. We are talking about our greenhorns. They became "full members" of the student society at our school. These lines were written just after the ball when I was trying to put my feelings about this important event this school year on paper. At first I would like to remind you about the program at this ball. In comparison with last year it was more interesting and took only about an hour. It was so good that many students appreciated and rewarded it with strong applause. At 6.30 pm, the show started with the song "LET IT BE" performed by the school music band. The performance of the band Zvonceky was also very impressive. We saw a lot of dancing, a historical sword - play presented by the group Templari, and then the highlight of the show. Our greenhorns came through the "baptism of fire" - e.g. they danced with their legs tied together, with buckets on their heads etc. After the vows of faithfulness to our school and many photographs (you older students, probably know this part very well), the disco-party could start (at about 8.00 p.m). Most of us waited impatiently for this part of the ball. And what about the music? Everyone enjoys different kinds of music but I hope that you were revelling in it on Saturday night and had a good time. On the negative side, there wasn't much space for everyone to dance. But we are already accustomed to this fact. There were two about half an hour breaks. What I disliked was, that the second one was too long. Also we missed the raffle. For all that, the atmosphere was great and we really enjoyed dancing. After midnight the disco culminated and we got the fresh energy to dance. As usual, the ball finished at 0.45 am. Mostly the students behaved way better than last year. If you liked the ball, you can start looking forward to next year's, which, I hope, will be at least as good as this one was. Those of you who weren't there, can regret it. Finally we would like to thank all the people who arranged the ball. See you when u get there next year.

Tomas Dernar