School cantine - our destiny. (feuilleton)

All of us, except the slower ones, have certainly mentioned the large room where mysterious white - dressed human beings move, and where usually strange bloody things happen. This place is called 'School Cantine' and everybody quarrels about this name's origin. Some say "a cantine" should feed hungry students that have found a reason to visit it, but most of our class experts don't agree with this opinion. They rather say the cantine has a purpose to make our mates angry, paranoid, sunburnt (eh?), and behaving like (here you can enter the name of your sister or your favourite enemy). Yes, they just finish their lessons, come home, assasinate two-thirds of their poor relatives, and go to sleep.And the teachers wonder, why they aren't prepared for the exams on the next day. The education standard goes down etc., until the nuclear war comes. We've just found out what the main goal of our school cantine is and now I could mention what it offers to You,dear sufferer. If you once get there,you'll wonder. A peaceful and friendly environment with optimistic, even - tempered, and fun-loving team of cooks is permanently ready to say good-bye to you.But just if you came there after 2.30 p.m. or if you forget your ticket. But if you're likely to be there (or simply said, lucky), you've just got a marvellous chance to taste the Meal of the day. You've also got a great chance to compare your impressions of this food with your friends and argue "if that flesh moved or not" . But beware. Such friendly cantine-conversations usually end up with a fist-fight, so it's best for you to say nothing, have no complaints, and not to forget to have your dinner