Initial ball-inquiry

You certainly know that The Initation Ball took place on Saturday. Most of our students took part in this very nice event. We were very interested in your opinion, so we asked some of you the question: "What do you think about the program and the ball?"

Zuzka, 3.D: " It was the best program I have seen for the last few years."

Bystrík, 3.E: "Very good."

Peter S., graduate: "I like it very much. I was very curious because I have organizated the balls before. The program was interesting, short, and truthful, but for me likewise boring like the others before. But this one is for me more dynamic simply because it was done by more dynamic person."

Vanda, 4.F: "Now, quite fine. I am already accustomed to it because I am in 4th class. Well, it is good, super."

Laco, 2.D: "It is a little bit noisy."

Mr. Vrabel: "No comment. My leg aches. Somebody stepped on me."

Peter, 3.F: "The Program was quite good, but it could be shorter."

Magda, 1.B: "It is very nice. I would like to thank all 2nd class students, who have made something so fine for us and I will be very happy if I take part in doing something like this next year."

Jozef, 3.E: " I am satisfied with the preformance of the group Zvonceky. They deserve my admiration."