Quiz Questions by Kelsey

Regardless of its size, a piece of paper can only be folded in half how many times? a) 13 b) 5 c) 23 d) 7

2. In Greek mythology, who is the goddess of victory? a) Ephedra b) Nike c) Jana d) Sibylla

3. What country won the men's team gold in the Half Marathon World Campionships, Saturday the 4th of October? a) Romania b) Slovakia c) Japan d) Kenya

4. What women's team won the gold? a) Romania b) Slovakia c) Japan d) Kenya

5. What is the name of the main actor in the movie Air Force One? a) Harrison Ford b) Will Smith c) Brendan Fraser d) Tim Robbins

6. Jakarta is the capitol city of what country? a) Malaysia b) Indonesia c) Ghana d) Turkey

7. What is the capitol city of New Zealand? a) Concord b) Perth c) Wellington d) Bratislava

8. Define "bad mouth" (slang) a) when your mouth does something its not supposed to do b) speaking ill of someone or something c) a bad taste left in your mouth

9. Define "elevator music" (slang) a) bland music; background music b) when the volume of a song goes up and down (high and low) c) music written in an elevator

10. How many (items or things) are in a 'baker's dozen' ? a) 10 b) 11 c) 12 d) 13

Answers: 1.d 2.b 3.d 4.a 5.a 6.b 7.c 8.b 9.a 10.d

Kelsey Woodman