SANTIC - Lost in the world

Matej Santa is one of the 3.F students that have gone to a foreign country to study, to improve their English language level and of course, to gain new experience and see what the real life looks like /ha ha/. As we all know, the power of Internet is incredible and this time it helped me a lot to ask "Santic" /as we all call this guy/ for information and prepare this exciting interview.

Could you tell me where you actually are at the moment ?

Well, I'm attending the private high-school Wyoming Seminary in Kingston situated in eastern Pennsylvania. I live in a boy hostel that belongs to the school. I like it here although I need some time to assimilate to all the news around me.

Hm, thanks. Could you give us some more information about the school you're at ?

Yes, of course. The school is quite old(it was built in 1844) but it's not as large as you might imagine. That means that just about 400 students attend it. I'm at the "Upper School" what basicaly means the same as our Gymnazium. There are students in their 9th -12th grade here. I'm called a "junior" just because I'm in the 1st class. The school system is much different from ours because each school year is divided into 3 trimesters and each of them into 2 mid-terms. It may sound weird, but it's really not as complicated as it seems.At the end of every trimester big /some of my pals call them LETHAL/ tests are being written. We're just getting close to the end of the Autumn trimester, so my knees suddenly start to shake.

And what about hobbies? Have you got a possibility to do some of your favourite free time activities?

Yes, that's the thing I like very much about this school. The students may do various kinds of sports like European and American football, ice-hockey, basketball, lacrosse /huh, what's that? -author's note/, and many more, or some of the "extracuricullar" activities like dancing, music /MAKING music, not LISTENING to it/, photography etc. The thing that surprised me a lot about the sports is that usually teachers coach them and they're really good at it!

Yes, that fact really shocked me a lot. And what are the students like? Are they friendly or prefers to use their fists?

Oh no !!! If that thing happened, I'd leave the school and begin writing poems to my dog /don't believe this!/ !!! But seriously, most of them are really friendly, talkative, fun-loving, and ready to help you when you need it. There are many students from foreign countries attending this school, so I don't have a reason to feel like a black sheep. But on the other hand, there are some students at this school who have come from wealthy families, and they behave a bit different.You can imagine how.

I think I can. Now I'd like to ask you an original question that could interest many people. What's the weather like ?

Ha ha.The weather is fine, although sometimes there's a big yellow ball in the sky that I don't seem to understand.

Do you mean the sun ? Oh, sure, that's the new Japanese technology. I've seen it on the news yesterday. But is there anything that you don't like about your stay?

There's just one thing that I don't like and it's related to our school. It's forbidden to wear T-shirts, blue jeans,or sport shoes during the lessons! I can't stand it but it's still better than wearing school uniforms and ties.

Thanks for the interview and good luck, Matej! Slavomir Herman.

P.S. All the facts in the interview except the "weather" part, are true.