The Editorial.

As you may have already mentioned, this is the brand new Srob Shocks. The article I'm writing at the moment should be an editorial, but I still have doubts about the reason why I'm doing it for you. Maybe I'm in an enthusiastic mood (ehm), maybe I'd like to tell you something SPECIAL about this newspaper (this might work only if I was the editor, otherwise there's no interest),or maybe I was just told to write something long to kill some space in the magazine. If you are keen for the answer, try drinking less, it oughta work. But the fact is that there weren't any cool events at Srobarka in the last 2 weeks that deserved our interest and made us write about them. However, don't hope to find Prodigy lyrics or something THAT annoying on all the 4 pages of our young-but-so-ambitious newspaper :). Oh yeah! I've just remembered one thing that made me laugh a lot in the last few days.What was it? The new school obsession called SCHOOL DIARIES, cursed items of every school member. The reason for making them is quite obsecure (greetings to Phoenix corporation -3.D), but what the -na na na- let someone tell us bring them to school every day??????????? Although it's not too heavy to carry it in the schoolbag,some of us who are not as clever as the others (hey, 1-st class greenhorns, this WASN'T an insult) may sometimes forget it, may they not ?And that's what it's all about.Once I saw about three students that were freezing outside just because they FORGOT their school diaries. N o matter how they bagged to get in(wow, such a weird thing), they were banned just because they FORGOT THEIR SCHOOL diaries. Isn't it ridiculous ??? Does anybody want to be convinced if we ALL are Srobarka-attenders??? And ever what could a person that doesn't belong here do at Srobarka at the beginning of the lessons ??? Take a minute to think about it.

MC Slavo Herman .

P.S.Greetings to Lachim Yksvobob :).