Do you know what I*EARN is? I don't suppose that a lot of you have even heard about it and because we all want to know as much as possible ( don't we? ),I would like to introduce this interesting organization to you. So what is I*EARN?

*it is a non-profit,international organization with member schools in over 30 countries

*the heart of I*EARN is for students and teachers to collaborate on projects

*it is an opportunity for you to design your own projects and seek partners throughout the world Last year our class under the leadership of our excellent English teacher Julia Bagley took part in it.We chose some from the wide range of themes (science,war,environment,arts,literature... -as you see probably everyone can find here something well-suited to him) and wrote the projects about it.These were then sent to I*EARN and will be included in the magazine that this organization publishes, so we can share our opinions with people in all member countries all over the world.Maybe you would be interested in WHAT DO TEACHERS SAY ABOUT I*EARN?

"My students felt as if they had really achieved something and helped someone else...I*EARN gives motivation, it is not learning just for learning's sake." (A.H.Australia) If even this is not enough for you...WHAT DO STUDENTS SAY ABOUT I*EARN? "I*EARN is the place where we can express our feelings, we are able to educate each other, and at the same time influence others." (H.B.,USA) "I*EARN makes learning fun!" I think these words speak for thenselves. So if you get a chance to join it, don`t hesitate!