About ten thousand theatre lovers took part at the sixth theatre festival in Nitra. A high percentage of them were young people, then our country was visited by more than fifty foreign guests from different parts of Europe and many other Slovaks working in different branches of the theatre world. The festival lasted for six days . From the 26th of September to the 1st of October the 16 ensembles from ten countries (including Slovakia) have been presented on the large stage of the Theatre of Andrej Bagar and on the smaller one in the Puppet theatre in Nitra. The festival, the best in its history, was well-organized under the direction of Darina Karova, and was sponsored by all participating countries, besides Slovakia (?) .The festival was opened with the performance of the Volcano theatre company "Thetownthatwentmad", which is the most celebrated theatre group in the area of physical theatre in England. I was very delighted to do a workshop with them, a meeting in which they tried to give us as much as they can of their experience.It's a tiring kind of theatre. Uf.

The same Friday evening were given the annual awards of the year, Dosky '97, and there was a great reception prepared. All performances were remarkable and dealt with the elementary question of human being and his weaknesses ,e.g. Tchechov's Seagull (Hungary), Lermontov's Mascarade, a breathtaking piece of the Lithuanian company. and the French juggling show looks like the virtual reality. The festival offered many interesting opportunities like film club, extraordinary exhibitions, a famous theatre flee market, an exciting event for all foreigners.