Studying in the U.S.A.

I think you all already know about the possibility of studying in the U.S.A, England, or some other countries in the world. Obviously, the United States is the most popular in this case.

Some students from our class did really well in making use of this possibility and now are spending their time, a full or half a school year, at several private and state high schools through the United States and England. They are getting to know a new way of life - it must be different in many ways, I think - and also improving the fluency of their English ( the grammar is questionable ).

So, to make it more authentic I asked my classmate and very good friend called Mousy, who is now studying in the United States for some concrete information, how does the life for a foreign student in Topeka, Kansas look like.

Hello, I am Mousy and I'd like to tell you something about how I am passing my time here, in America. Let's go.

Topeka is the capital of Kansas and people living here are mostly farmers. The family I am staying with has also a farm and many, many animals of several kinds. The family members are really kind and caring. Now something about my daily program and the school: I wake up every day at 6.30 in the morning, eat my breakfast and go to school, of course by those yellow shool buses, which are going terribly slowly, but we have much fun there passing our time fighting with text-books. On Monday I have 7 lessons, each takes 50 minutes with breaks lasting just 4 minutes. From Tuesday to Friday the lessons last 90 minutes and there are 4 of them each day. It's really exhausting and also boring, because we are sitting separately and cannot communicate with each other as well as we can in Slovakia. I attend a state school and the teachers do not have much authority ( they have hardly any ) here. The school - the studying is quite easy for me and even by now I am worried about how I would be able to assimilate in the Srobárka again after coming back next year. I am passing the exams here with 100-200% and everybody is looking at me as if I were a sample from a museum of geniuses. The lessons finish at 3.10 in the afternoon, I go back home (here in Topeka, I hope you understand) by that yellow school bus, from about 6 p.m. I am studying a little bit, then I have dinner with the rest of my new family and after that I go cycling or "play" on the Internet ( which we have at home ) together with the girls, my "sisters". As far as communication is concerned, I don't have any problems ( I think a student of the Srobárka takes it for granted, doesn't he ? ) You are all certainly curious about whether the American students at my school know where Slovakia is. So, there are some of them, who know it, but most of them thought it's somewhere in Russia.

So, that would be some information about me. I hope now you have a good picture of it and enjoyed reading about my life in the United States. Bye.

Thank you, Mousy very much for the information you have shared with us and hope you are spending a nice time there. Bye.

Kaèa Vargová.

P.s.: I don't know, how the students in Topeka manage to go "there", do "that" and to come back into the class in that a short time the break lasts !