U2 concert in Wembley stadium(report)

It was really hard to write this article in time. Actually I even did not even do it. You know - difficult time is coming. Everybody wants me to know everything and I have got this stupid feeling I should know it. However it is not what I want to write about. One day somebody asked me to tell you about the U2 concert in Wembley (UK). Yes, I was there. And I can say it was great. Such a good concert I have never seen before. Not just because there were loads of people there. Wembley is the biggest stadium in UK, and 100 thousand people came to this concert. It was the biggest crowd in which I have ever participated. The beginning of the concert was set begin at 18:30, but some people, let's say 15 thousand, were standing or to tell you the truth, siting on the ground in front of Wembley at 15:00, when I came there. Doors were opened at 16:30 and despite the fact, that the stadium has at least ten entrances, I managed to get in one and half hours later. Maybe some of the clever ones of you have ever heard about problems with IRA and in England you can feel it everywhere, even if you want to go and see U2 in Wembley. Before entering you are checked and this is the time when you are losing any ideals of democracy. You can not take any knife, bomb or gun. OK I can understand, but why did they steal my top of my plastic bottle? This question was on my mind till I saw what the aborigines do. The English are really strange. They do not jump and scream but they do throw bottles and I must say they can sing. So you can not decide if they are so cultivated or so rude. And so after the concert you would not be able to walk on ground, because everywhere were small plastic bottles of beer, which you could buy in the venue. And if you had bottle covers, you could throw full bottles. In fact, to be hit by an empty bottle hurts less. The showtime started on time. The two first bands were so bad, that I can't write you anything about them. Then came Radiohead and if I didn't know who they are there is nothing to write about. I don't know any their songs and most of the audience sang only one song, so it looked like Radiohead is a local band with one fairly known song. After about thirty minutes, while the stage staff was preparing the stage for U2. Then, finally, came Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen. That was the moment that I realized, that this big gray net was a huge screen. I think it is normal that crowds started to boil. So in this big crowd I was probably in the 104-th line and normally I would not see anything but fortunately there was this big screen where you could see all the concert with much animation and many videos. And then when they played "Lemon", U2 jumped into the big lift in the shape of a lemon covered by a mirror. As this lemon was moving towards people, turning around and making the special disco effect. When it finally came to the front, the lemon opened itself and they started singing. And the thing I enjoyed the most was karaoke. Can you imagine 100 thousand people singing a song at one time? It was fantastic - I mean not only Karaoke but the whole concert. I think t the most important thing for me was to find out how another young people in another country think and behave when they are excited. Now I know it is not the same than in our country but it is great, too.

Sonja H.