The Britain according to me...

Teleinterview with Peter Bobik

I think that some kind of greeting would be quite suitable here: "CAUTE!" That's more than enough for the beginning, so let's start: A "faithful supporter of mine" ( I won't name: martines ) sent me an e-mail approximately one month ago. It was something about that I should contribute somehow to the content of the SROB.SOXX. After this " his fingers got frozen ", but I got something new from him about a few days ago. (At the time you will be reading it in SOXX it might be a few weeks...). He told me I have to write a biography to be published in .......I haven't seen it yet so I don't know what it actually is. When I arrived and first time spotted the school here I said to myself: This will really remind you of Srobarka.Wherever I look I just can see red bricks as if I hadn't been watching them enough. The first "tea" which is something like a supper was quite nice. But, after a week or two I realized that the cooks have run out of ideas and fancy.And a picture of people eating nothing but sausages,beans and potatoes may arise.And it is right ( apart from a few exceptions of course ). The only thing that is left to you is to buy Spice Girls Walkers chips and turn on the radio. One thing that will almost certainly start to drive you crazy is that you hear the Spice Up Your Life every half an hour. At least the RADIOHEAD got the British TV Musical Award for the best album. (Slavo...) Apart from the food it may bosher you that you have to boil your brain at school on Saturday as well. But, some people with the IQ higher than the number of Kalamajky per year will find out very soon that it is not that bad, since you have a one week holiday after every five weeks, the Xmas holidays last three weeks which is not longer than the one month Easter holiday. If I add those up I will realize that it's perhaps more than I used to have at Srobarka. I don't know whether the Manuella or Simply Maria for beginners is still on but I miss them very much. The only thing you can watch here is the Simpson's Family or the X-Files. Such programs are a bit crap, aren't they ? Oh, yes : I almost forgot to tell you that English people cannot write Kosice the right way. Once I was watching TV. It was something about football and the table of the group "B" of the UEFA cup was displayed. Apart from the fact that the 1.FC Kosice was the last one it was quite funny to see how it is written. The "makcen" was on the "o". I don't know who is providing the spelling for this but he doesn't deserve his money. But, when I look at the way the things have gone so far I'm enjoying it here and I haven't come across any serious problems till now. Therefore I wish good luck to the students who are at present time somewhere in 2.F and are considering applying for something similar as I have. It's a good thing... Anyway, Martines told me to include here the prices of one pack of fags, the favourite colour of bra of British girls etc. Perhaps I'll disappoint you when I tell you that I haven't been here a sufficiently long time to obtain this information. Maybe next time... At the end I'd like to thank all the people who enabled this literary masterpiece to spot the light of the lamp by which you've just read it: 1.Me 2.Martines (internet provider) 4.British Telecom 5.Novitech 6.SROB.SOXX team 7.Bill Gates 8.You Peter,3.F Peter Bobik Rossall School Fleetwood Lancashire FY7 8JW U.K. E-mail : Rossall@Blackpool.Net Subject: For Peter Bobik (MCD)

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