Identity card YES or NO??

Do you want to know, what has "provoked an outrage" among the students last time? Of course, not among all students, because there were a few of them, who don't have anything against it, but the most of them, who I asked, answered my question - 'What do you think about the order from above esp. about the reinstalling of the indentification cards?' - with negative words. Some of them also said, if the professors 'on duty' by the door keeper's don't allow them to (the students) go to school, they wouldn't impose themself on them. But it isn't so easy as it sounds and as I've already said, it's an order from above and it says, that every student of Gymnasium Srobarova has to have an identification card, which costs 5 Sk (which realy wouldn't kill you).

Katja Vi.