The Editorial

Now I' m facing the same dilemma as my fellows were when they wrote ( or were forced to write ) the editorial:What should it be about? Honestly, I' ve no idea. Editorials in general are very interesting (and writing them even "exciting"). In Cosmopolitan magazine, for example, it informs you about how perfect we, female creatures, are and what pigs...(you know who) are. But, although I' d enjoy discussing this topic, we aren't a woman' s magazine which means I have to write about things that both sexes agree with. I believe that everyone appreciates the existence of the so-called International Students' Day. (We are glad that we don' t have to go to school and the teachers are happy that they don' t have to fill our pumpkin heads with that clever stuff. Am I right?). No big celebrations, no congratulations, no thank you' s. Nothing happens. (If you know why, drop me a line). That special day is celebrated in a pretty ridiculous way - you can go to the cinema or can take part in some competitions which take place at schools, so they don't count. Well, yes I admit that cinema is a good place for relaxing, but not when you' re in the same "black room" with those dangerous people who always repeat that funny noise: SSShhhttt! SssHhhTtt! To tell the truth, I' d feel totally relaxed if I didn' t have to go to school at all. I could sleep till midday, have lunch and then go to sleep again. Oh, no, I' ve got to stop writing or this utopian dream will kill me! Hm, we' ll see, we' ll see... If you' re interested in how the whole thing ended up, just read the article written by Sonia V. (because this issue will be printed right after the Big Day).

Evelina S.