Flash Interview with Mrs. Lyotcova who is a new teacher at Srobarka

Kelsey: Are you a new teacher here at Srobarova? I heard that you were here last year too.

Lotcova: I taught only a couple of lessons of Art History. It was only three hours every second week. Now I've started to teach full time.

Kelsey: So you're an Art History and English teacher?

Lyocsova: Yes, my major, if I can call it that, is English and History.

Kelsey: Where did you study? Lyocsova: I studied in Presov, at the Philosophical Faculty, a teacher's training school. I was there for five years. I finished in 1995.

Kelsey: Did you go overseas to study your English?

Lyocsova: I was a family companion. I joined a program called Camp America. I had a very nice family there. It was during the summer holidays, for three months.

Kelsey: Is Srobarova the only place you've taught at?

Lyocsova: Yes, well, I also used to teach at the language school - night classes.

Kelsey: English? Lyocsova: Yes, English. Kelsey: Do you like teaching here?

Lyocsova: So far I like it!

Kelsey: Anything else you would like to say?

Lyocsova: I just want to say that I've chosen this school because it's a very familiar place to me, because I studied here. I remember the teachers and I remember the school very much, from the period I was here, and I like it! I can say that the students nowadays are a little bit different from when I was studying here. Maybe they are more ambitious and maybe they are more courageous, because they want to know more and know more about different countries. I think it's very good that they want to go and see and study somerwhere else, so I encourage students to study abroad. It's a great experience- nothing can be better than to study the English language in an English - speaking country. I think that was a disatvantage of my times because we didn't have such possibilities and opportunities. I also think that Western European culture and American culture has a great impact on the students. I think the students are intelligent and they can choose what is good, but sometimes I think they take some negative things! We should teach them what is better and what is not so good to take from other countries. I think the students should find support for their interests and go after them. If they really want to do something, they should do it. They can be more creative and I think they are creative, in other spheres. They have more opportunities and they should develop their talents.