Headlines since 4st - 26th november
4th - Teaching practice of the students of the UPJS Faculty of Sciences at our school - (The first day after holidays - a perfect day to go to school) 
5th - 4.C class visited the computer exhibition COFAX 
3th - 7th : The assembly of the students of 3.C class: T. Samuely and M. Ondera - A,B category of the Physical Olympiad 11th - The half-term conference - there's nothing to add ... - The students of 3.E class visited the Austrian library 
13th - The concert of classical music: Musorgskij - "Pictures from the Exhibition" 
14th - The disco-party (organized by 2.F class) started at 4 p.m - the profit will help abused children 
14th - Disco party of the RED NOSES 
17th - Students' Day - More information in this issue ! 
24th - AMAVET club exhibition in Bratislava.