The concert Eagle and Hawk band in Kosice

Sometimes you may visit places like the book shop AF or the tea house in Boèná street, or you may have only some friends who go there. It does not matter. However, maybe you have heard of the unknown group Eagle and Hawk or seen its poster. If you did not manage to get to their concert (which took place on 26th November in Jedlíkova 7), you can regret it because it was really perfect. Not only the music which was of high quality but also the man idea of the concert was unique in relation to the place where we live in. The concert was dedicated to Leonard Peltier and all indigenous people. Leonard Peltier has been for 22 years in prison because of killing 2 people from FBI. However, he just wanted to defend other people from his settlement. Although it was along time ago, the Amnesty International accepted him for being a political prisoner only in the year 1996. Up to now, people are fighting for his acquittal and setting free. We, people of the concert, joined this, certainly a big community and helped at least by a little amount of money which we paid for the ticket to the concert. The group Eagle and Hawk comes from Canada, state Manitoba and consists of 1drummer, 2 guitar-players and 1 singer, an Indian who played also the flute (traditional Indian flute, too) and the guitar. The Indian dedicated his songs to his mother, daughter, God (or the Creator); to the people of all kinds of race; another songs were e.g. Eagle and Hawk, For a Revolution, etc. To the most of the songs he gave also a short introduction, e.g. to the song For a Revolution: There is a revolution going on today! Be the soldier of love! Be the soldier of peace! Do not be arrogant, try to be humble! The people who danced all the time joined together and created a chain by one sotng. It is nice to see the people getting on well with one another. By the last song the Indian challenged us to stand up and listen to the prayer (played on an Indian drum), and think about it. Maybe now it seems to you as a religious concert with religious songs. The truth is that this group which played rock, blues and traditional Indian music tried to express that there is Someone who we can ask for a help, and when we do not disappoint him but we show him our gratitude for the life he has given us, he will talk to us by the means of love, peace, happiness and justice.

Jana S.