International students day

The voyage round the school - November 17th 1997 That day, I didn't have anything special to do and I decided to take a deeper look at what 17 November in our school really means. Till now, I've always spent it snoring in the movies, but this time I stayed and found out that our teachers made an effort to make this day different and they offered us really interesting activities, in which we could improve our knowledge or skills. Globally, this year there were 12 areas where you could realise yourself. Already from 8 o' clock an aerobic competition was in full swing. Here you could watch teams from 4 gymnasiums: Postova, Trebisovska, Opatovska and Srobarova. The jury consisted of one teacher and one aerobic instructor from every school. The girls were, as always, beautiful, skillful and they did a really good job. The winner, as we could expect, became Srobarova school, but there was also a special award given to Opatovska gymnasium for the best dance choreography. There was probably just one defect, as Ms. Ballayova said, and that was that too few people from our school came to cheer our team. So next time, don't hesitate and come to create a perfect sporting atmosphere in our gym. For those, who preferred to try their luck in their language skills, there waited the English and German competitions. In the English one, under the leadership of Ms. Mayer, Ms. Kerpanova and Mr. Lowman, 8 gymnasiums took part. After a difficult fight Srobarova became the winner again with a score of just one point higher than Postova had. By the way, if you saw some people with German dictionaries walking strangely around the school as if they looked for something, those were the participants of the German competition. Ms. Novakova prepared for them a little orientation run in the school. It had the name " Find the treasure" and if you'd like to know what the treasure was and where it was hidden, ask the first and second year students, which took part there - you'll be surprised. Regarding science, there were 4 possibilities. The math competition was lead by Mrs. Micakova. Here, in an entertaining way, our greens could show what their logical thinking and wit are like, because the tasks had various character. I can testify, that the atmosphere was great and although the winner could be just one of them ( 1.C), others definitely didn't regret their participation. While in F1 room some students practised a sample physics class and others watched the documentary about drug addiction, 2F class took part in the talk given by Doc. RNDr Igor Hudec, CSc. from the zoology institute about the work, research and the journey across Mexico. He accepted the invitation of Mrs. Strakova and Mrs. Majherova and this talk belonged to the series of lectures in various branches of biology, which Mr. Hudec currently provides. The students could see also his new text book with the title Hydrobiology for Secondary schools. The main aim of his lecture was to restore the interest of youth in natural science. I think, that he managed to captivate just by non - forcibly talking about his own attitude to nature and the perspectives of the environment as a global problem. Mr. Hudec talked also about hydrobiology - about its topic, contents and utilization in practice and what was surely very interesting, about his exploratory stay in Mexico, which had more aims. It was the research of zooplanktons, then getting to know the ecosystems as for instance Chamel ( it's a biological reservation on the Pacific coast- well preserved, dry tropical leafy forest, which serves as a place for botanical and zoological research), getting to know the lakes on the Mexican plateau, tropical areas of Yucatan and Chiapas- the places where fauna and flora from South and North America meets and also the students could see some archeological artifacts, of course on slides. The whole lecture took about 2 hours and both sides were content with its course. I hope we'll welcome Mr. Hudec next time, too. Playing chess required logical thinking, much patience and deep concentration. We had 25 players including just 2 girls. There were 8 schools participating, but finally, again we can praise Srobarova for another "gold medal", which gained Niki Varholakova from 1.B. The arts were in the hands of Mrs. Kracmarova and Ms. Brodnanova. Mrs. Kracmarova introduced the ex - studentof Srobarova - Zuzana Mezencevova. She is the graduate of Slovak language and Arts at Presov University. She gave 3 topics: figure and abstract composition and the poster and the whole time she was an expert adviser. Her presence was very useful and I believe, that students had the chance to improve their art skills. Ms. Brodnanova organised the competition about art and music. Again, the competitors were just first year students from every class, but their knowledge about architectural styles, fine arts, classical and pop music was astonishing. Sovereign victory belonged to 2 girls from 1.B. So what do you say to it? Were you a competitor or just a spectator? If you think, that you didn't have the chance to get well, don't hesitate and come out with an idea for another activity. Next time, after a short discussion with your teacher, it could be just you, who will lead your own action.

sona v.