Quiz test by Verca

HI! We're here again with a brand new quiz to torment your poor brains! Prepare your bodies and souls for an incredible experience ( don't listen to your thirst- follow your instinct), that is going to fill your spirit from the bottom to the top, take you to the higher dimensions and open new horizons. Don't argue- meditate. Don't go away, don't go away... the solutions are right on the bottom of this page. And... don't forget- Alcohol kills, take LSD. ( Don't take it for granted). Here it is:

1. SLANG: If "The man" says, "Stick 'em up!", you are:

a/ painting the walls of your boss's office in Britain,

b/ getting arrested in the United States,

c/ getting asked a question by your teacher in New Zealand.

2. First come, first ..... . ( an original English saying)

a/ eat

b/ attack

c/ served

3. Which of the following words is NOT a type of American food:

a/ grits

b/ hogthistle pie

c/ fatback

4. Dipsomania is

a/ a craze to be alone

b/ a crazy desire to start fire

c/ an uncontrollable desire for alcohol

5. You would probably feel flattered if someone described you as a pervert.

a/ true

b/ false

c/ depends

6. A budgie is

a/ an acquipment in the bathroom of the Queen mother

b/ a popular bird in Britain

c/ a part of the car

7. Dandelion is

a/ a mythical animal

b/ anti- birth pills

c/ a flower

8. The abbreviation NASA stands for:

a/ National Air and Search Alliance

b/ National Aeronautics and Space Administration

c/ National Aircraft and Spacing Affiliation

9. The components of an Irish breakfast are:

a/ cornflakes, toast, eggs, and ham

b/ toast, beans, and eggs

c/ a doughnut and coffee

10. "hiss and boo off the stage" means:

a/ to throw eggs at the actors and actresses

b/ to invite other artists on the stage

c/ to express dislike of somebody's performance

Solutions: 1.b, 2.c, 3.b, 4.c, 5.b, 6.b, 7.c, 8.b, 9.a, 10.c.

You get a point for each bad choice:

If you have 1- 3 points: Great! Go ahead and have some fun with a sheep. Maybe it will help you.

If you have 4- 8 points: Tasty! Not so bad. Remember: Death is nature's way of telling people to slow down.

If you have 9 or 10 points: You're dull, but don't worry, when you're 18 things are going to get better.