basketball tournament

As it slowly becomes a tradition there is a basketball tournament among classes played at Srobarka. There are 2 main groups:the boys teams and the mixed teams. The tournament is played before Christmas Holidays in the gym on Medicka street. because of this year's big interest in the tournament there have been qualifying rounds which took place in the Srobarka gym on Friday afternoons. The boys' group was divided into 2 smaller ones:in the 1st there were 4.C, 3.B, 1.C, 3.C and in the 2nd 3.F, 1.E, 1.D, 2.F.As the cast in each shows, there were obvious favorites.4.C, the defending champions,had no problems and gave their opponents hard times on the court.Also 3.B managed to qualify from the 1st group.In the 2nd 3.F showed no mercy and easily passed through into the finals, where 4.C will have to put in a great effort to beat them.1.E also qualified. The mixed teams group was also divided into 2 smaller ones: 2.F, 3.E,1.D, 4.A in 1st and 2.ABDE, 4.F, 3.BF, 1.A in 2nd.These teams played for 2 qualifying places from each group.In the 1st 2.Fand 3.E went through,in the 2nd 2.ABDE and 3.BF did. The final tournament will be played on the 19th of the December and you are welcome to come and watch it.I'm sure you don't want to miss that action!

Riso L.