The Editorial

Right at the beginning I would like to excuse myself, but I just don't know, what a typical editorial should consist of. What should I write about? I hope I will be able to put some words together and enrich your minds with some of my ideas. I am aware that your minds are already absolutely full, busy and don't need another nonsensical foolishness, but try to overcome yourself-I know it's difficult-think a little bit (it doesn't hurt-I promise) and consider: those things are all unimportant-unless they refer to the rob shox. So, clean up your minds, throw away everything that's depressing, dejecting, tiring, boring, startling...and make yourselves ready for absorbing the brand new rob shox! I've finally got to the sentence I should have started with: you are right now reading the newest edition of the rob shox magazine produced by the humans (?) of III.F (who are by the way quite normal-I think mentally-though sometimes they don't seem to be). This edition-the same way as the previous ones-contains many interesting topics. So, I won't keep you in suspence any longer, I'm conviced you are already all eager to read it and are calling me names (mentioning them is not necessary, is it?) for my detaining you. Let's read the new rob shox! Have much fun!