Headlines from 26st november- 6th december


  • 26th - 4.E and 4.F took part in the performance of " Romeo and Julia" at the cinema
  • 27th - a talk with the graduate of our school and present conductor of opera Nabucco - Igor Dohovic
  • 29th - the performance of opera Nabucco in the National Theatre that 60 of our students saw
  • December

  • 2nd - declaration of the competition about the history of Kosice
  • 3rd - mathematic Olympiad of category "A" 4.B visited the Austrian library the competition in chess (won by a student from our school)
  • 5th - the long expected day - the "Ribbon ball" of 4.A, 4.D, 4.F
  • 6th - the "Ribbon ball" of 4.B, 4.C, 4.E
  • Ivana S.