Sandra our clasmate in Arizona

A letter charged with optimism and delightment has just arrived from the USA. The author is Sandra, my very good friend and now I’ll try to give you some of her observations and experience. Yes, your guess is right – Sandra is one of that happy people who managed to get to this attractive country to study there for a year. Up to now, it seems she is having a very good time. But it wasn’t to at a very beginning of her journey. She had flown from Prague to New York and then she should have continued to Phoenix. It was a big surprise when nobody waited at the airport. Can you imagine an alone girl standing there and having no idea what to do in such situation? However, she was trying to get the information about her flight very intensively, but so long that she missed the plane. Finally she had to travel 30 instead of planned 16 hours. What is more, her suit – case got lost somewhere during the flight. Depressing experience, isn’t it ? Anyway, the end was positive: the case was found in quite a short time and she got home happily. To get some basic, general information about her background: family lives near the capital of Arizona (Phoenix) – in a town called Glendale. Sandra spends most of free time with her new parents” (“they are super”) and one dog (Sheba). The area is not far from the mountains as well as desert. It means extremely hot summers and quite cold winters. During the year the weather is mostly suitable for swimming (in family pool-of course). In fact, Sandra is absolutely far from being bored. She has already visited quite a lot places: Grand Canyon, Bedrock City, Montezuma Castle (Castle in the rock), Rawhide, Old Tucson Studios, Canyon Creek, Sedona (city build of red rocks). (I’d rather stop, otherwise you can get bored) I suppose you don’t know much about these places, but it sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, I dint’s find out very much information about the school. One little disadvantage is that she started school very early- in the end of July. Thus the whole year is longer, but lessons are shorter - only 5 per one day. Foot – to this topic only one statement directly from Sandra: “The cakes taste like a plasteline”. Apart from this, she likes some meals very much (burito for instance). So, that’s all from far- away America. If you would like to study in the USA but you have some doubts about your decision, this is Sandra’s advice: “ Try it and you won’t regret!”

Zuza Steffanova