SUM Radio

I have to own up, I have never taken part in any of the SUM Radio programs, so that you know that I am writing this as an outsider. This means, I am sometimes as shocked as you when trying to study during the big break and I suddenly hear these strange sounds coming out of the loudspeaker. Three times a week the SUM Radio brings us actual information about various cultural events and programs of cinemas and theatres in Kosice for students longing for culture. Your favourite are the Congratulations to jubilees, Culture in Kosice and the SrobNews ( I can't say I'm sure that this is true, but I've read some statistics about what is "in" and what is "out" in your opinion). But the best and favourite is the Music Box and the Black Music (or rock music) that provide quality music and the relax that we need so badly. In the next school year our radio plans to broadcast more often - to four times weekly and to enrich its program with music competitions.You see, the SUM Radio is getting cool ! (yeah - MC Slavo's note) When writing this, I've also learned something about our school radio, because you know, you don't always pay complete attention to the various programs. You usually just listen to the music and care about your own business. So I wish best luck to the future and a bit more attention to the SUM Radio and to all of the people who entertain us during its programs.

Julia S.