Who is JOKO

Basic characteristics:

Name: Jozef Vrabel, Nickname: Joko E-mail: joko@larva.sk,

Favourite stuff:

  • meal: Bryndzove halusky (original slovak bryndza nokes), chicken
  • drinks: Coke, mineral water
  • books: encyklopedies
  • authors: Jara Cimrman
  • movies: Titanic, Hook, Amadeus
  • serial: Twin Peaks, Beverly Hills 90210 Step by step, Friends
  • director: Juraj Jakubisko, David Lynch
  • fairy tails: Tri orisky pro popelku, Perinbaba, Pysna princezna, Mrazik, Princezna so zlatou hviezdou
  • actors: M. Lasica, J. Satinsky, B.Polivka, Z. Sverak, V. Burian
  • actress: L.Safrankova , Julia Roberts
  • music: Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Enya
  • song: L.Amstrong - what a wonderful world
  • news: SME , Pravda
  • radio stations: Rebecca
  • sports: Ice-hockey, tenis, downhill skiing, biking
  • sportman:Pirmin Zurbriggen, Henrieta Nagyova
  • ski place: Skalnate pleso, Hnilcik
  • place: Slovak paradise
  • bike hike: Smizany-Geravy-Dedinky-Mlynky-Certova hlava-Sp.Nova Ves
  • hobbies: Collecting CD's, music
  • I dislike:

    I'm affraid

    My friends

    My top 10 concerts:

    1. U2 - Popmart, Wembley, 24.8.1997
    2. Jethro Tull, Presov
    3. Chumba Wumba, Bratislava
    4. Lucie, Presov
    5. Mike Oldfield, Praha, 13.8.1999
    6. Alpha Ville, Kosice
    7. L.Filipova, Kosice
    8. Laura a jeji Tigri, Bratislava
    9. Collegium Musicum, Kosice
    10. H.Vondrackova, Kosice
    11. Radiohead, Wembley
    12. MC Erik & Barbara, Kosice

    Top 10 theatre performances:

    1. Jesus Christ Superstar - Divadlo Spirala, Prague 27.6.1998
    2. Dracula - Kongresovy sal, Prague 22.3.1998
    3. Black light theatre - Prague 20.3.1998
    4. Mrazik, 9.4.1999 Spisska Nova Ves
    5. Monte Christo, 6.4.2001 Prague

    My Education institutions:

    My favorite kind of transport :

    Favourite software:

    The countries what I've ever visited


  • World I*EARN conference, Chattanooga, USA, 1998
  • World I*EARN conference, Puerto Rico, USA, 1999
  • World I*EARN conference, Bejing, China, 2000
  • World I*EARN conference, Cape Town, South Africa, 2001
  • World I*EARN conference, Moscow, Russia, 2002
  • My top 5 travel adventures of '98:

    1. Prague, june 25th Me and 30 students were late. The first one student stopped the train. The train had to wait for us 10 minutes for the others students
    2. Warsaw, may 9th The train from Kosice to Warsaw was delayed for 150 minute. Me and 6 students had to stay in the dangerous train station for whole night
    3. Viena, july 11th The train from Kosice to Bratislava as delayed for 150 minutes. We didnt catch the bus to the airport to Viena, and therefore we had to take a taxi
    4. Chatanooga, july 24th
    5. The fly was canceled 'cause the airplane was broken down. We had to travel to Atlanta by bus, which became broken down during journey. We didn't catch the airplane and therefore we had to stay another day in Atlanta.
    6. Hungary, jun 10th One of my students didn't come on the time because she asleeped. Fortunately, she caught the train 'cause the train was delayed for 50 minutes

    My Photo album

    Puerto Rico trip 1999

    Bassebal stadium NY mets, In IMAX 3D cinema, NY, On the top of Jonah's house New Jersey, More...


    The begining of Kalamajky show in '93 (march 92)
    Ski course in Zdiar. I'm in the middle in red (march 93)
    My #1 ski team in Tatra. (march 93)
    Night skiing on ski course (march 93)
    Stuzkova celebration - I'm getting a flower (december 96)
    U2 concert in Wembley U2 concert at Wembley (march 97)
    U2 concert in Wembley (summer 97)
    Summer '97 Belgium, Luc, Monika, Luc, Ingrid, Tim (summer 97)
    very important persons in Chattanooga from left: Yorke S.Africa, Zuzana Hungary, me, Branko Croatia (summer 98)