Who is Lenda

Who is Lenda

Basic characteristics:

Favourite stuff:

  • Favourite meal: breaded cutlet and chips, and anything else if i dont have to cooke
  • Favourite drinks: fernet with tonic=bavorak
  • Favourite books: The education of mr. Kaplan
  • Favourite authors: Bigmoore
  • Favourite movies: I am very unexacting tv watcher i prefer romantic movies
  • Favourite cartoons: Tom and Jerry
  • Favourite actor: Tom and Jerry
  • Favourite music: All good songs
  • Favourite news: Pravda, Sport
  • Favourite TV stations: FilmNet
  • Favourite sports: basketball , downhill skiing
  • Favourite sportman: Lena Vackova
  • Hobbies: basketball, sports, family, works

    Favourite software:

  • windows: amipro, excel, corel
  • dos: pascal, quatro, foxpro
  • unix: under construction
  • games: tetris, lines
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